Do you need an Accountant? Directors Search is a unit within Auditax International dealing with recruitment for employers in various sectors of the economy. We recruit for construction companies, manufacturing companies, telecommunication companies, Companies in the tourism industry; financial services, Government Agencies and Boards, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), etc. We go through a robust six stage processes to ensure that a suitable candidate is obtained. These are:

  • Agreeing a proposal for recruitment with the client
  • Defining the assignment specification. This includes job specification, candidate requirements, salary package etc.
  • We conduct a search and identification of a candidate.
    This may include Advertising where the suitable candidates are not in our CVs database. Interviews are also conducted at this stage.
  • We provide a shortlist of candidates suitable for the position.
    The shortlist would consist of credible and manageable number of candidates and our assessment for each candidate including candidates preferred salary and other benefits.
  • Completion
    We set up a final interview of shortlisted candidates with the client’s management, attend the interview and provide advice on final selection of candidates.

Note: These procedures may be adjusted to suit specific client needs.